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Cohesive and impactful brand identity

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

If you want to focus on your brand identity in 2020, think about how all of your design assets come together to build a cohesive brand—and whether they are in need of a refresh.

Got a generic business card? Think about designing something more on-brand to really make an impression on your clients. Did you use a template to build your website and feel like the results are a bit cookie-cutter?

Consider hiring a designer to come up with something that’s more in line with your brand. Developing a new product? Focus on your packaging and design something that’s going to jump off the shelves.

Your brand identity is made up of a variety of design assets:

• Your logo

• Your business card

• Your website

• Your social media presence

And if you want to embrace this trend, all of them need to feel unique, well-designed, and on-brand in 2020. This is where Complete Service Management can Help.

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