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Our top 3 marketing tips for better results.

1. Network to grow your contacts -

So what does that mean? Well in simple terms you need to be seen to sell your products and services whether online or offline. If you go to events, have things to give away other than just a business card. Online you need to research keywords and try different tactics to be seen/clicked/engaged with. If you offer a local service look at what opportunities there are such as a leaflet drop or local magazine or event.

2. Listen to what people want - before offering solutions, do your research, tailor your solutions to fit 'the need'. If you have existing customers speak to them, catch up with them, understand them, insider intel will be invaluable.

What events are they going to, what could you suggest/partner with them on?

3. Make your comms interesting - we are all bombarded with emails/offers/news/crisis after crisis and we switch off pretty quickly. So if you have something to say, keep it short and to the point. If you have special offers, then lead with that.

At CSM we offer our expertise and advice on everything print and beyond. We have a FREE promotional gift catalogue available so call us today on: 01274 460001 to get yours.

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