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The role of signage in rebranding

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Rebranded signage shouldn’t be relegated to optics alone. New signage serves to boost brand identity, enhance the customer experience, and increase interest, traffic, and even sales.

Consider, for example, the case for rebranding and signage changes for Burger King, a case study revealed that almost one-third of people became aware of their restaurants when they ‘saw it while passing the facility.’ Further, another study found that a ‘dramatic’ change in appearance created a significant increase in customer count of 10-15 percent.

So attracting a new generation or market of buyers calls for rebranding – but there is no one-size-fits-all, silver-bullet process. After all, every approach to rebranding could be different, including:

• New look. Maybe it’s just time for a refresh of your optics, such as a change to the design of your packaging, advertising messages, colours, fonts or logo.

• New message. Or maybe it’s time to change your messaging in order to appeal to a broader demographic or a burgeoning market.

As your signage partner, Complete Service Management will work with you to create sketches that target your desired customer demographics, take inventory of current signage products that require updates and create an entire design package for you to review.

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